4 Bradenton Men Arrested in Online Sex Offender Sting

The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office has arrested 30 people in Operation Intercept II.

Four Bradenton men are among 30 alleged sex offenders who have been arrested by the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office as part of Operation Intercept II. 

According to the sheriff's office, the suspects responded to Internet-based ads or social media posts and engaged in sexually explicit written and verbal conversations, ultimately traveling to a location in Sarasota County with the intent to have sex with a child or children.

When the suspects arrived, detectives placed them under arrest.

“This was our second operation to see what criminals prowled the Internet for the purpose of sexually exploiting children,” said Sheriff Tom Knight in a news release. “We saw some frightening things that parents need to be aware of to properly protect their kids.”

The sheriff's report said in one case, the predator met what he thought was a child on a GPS-based online dating platform that tells people who is in your area and allows you to chat with them and send photos.

In another, the suspect posted an ad on a website known for prostitution and wanted only young girls. He thought he met a 14-year-old girl recently placed with new Foster parents and planned to pay her $60 for her services, a news release said.

The suspects, according to the Bradenton Herald, are:

• Paul Andrews, 37, of Clearwater

• Edgar Barrantes-Colomer, 23, of Sarasota

• Glenn Beiling, 21, of Sarasota

• Robert Blackburn, 53, of Fort Myers

• Adam Boryszewski, 26, of Tampa

• Jason Cowen, 37, of Sarasota

• Timothy Comstock, 45, of Parrish

• Chris Courtney, 26, of North Port

• Karl Doom, 23, of Bradenton

• Ralph Eachus, 46, of Port Charlotte

• Rusty Harden, 32, of Bradenton

• Robert Honig, 30, of Sarasota

• David Jones, 27, of Sarasota

• Daniel Klimowicz, 64, of Sarasota

• Terry Lauver, 55, of Sarasota

• Corey Maglothin, 23, of Tampa

• Mark Manbeck, 53, of Lakewood Ranch

• Johandy Medina, 30, of Tampa

• Lee Nason, 33, of Port Orange

• Yoe Pineyro, 34, of Bradenton

• Christopher Rassi, 25, of Tampa

• Craig Remour, 51, of Sarasota

• Lionel Rodriguez, 27, of Bradenton

• Brian Schultz, 47, of Tampa

• James Shirk, 30, of Sarasota

• Jon Simonell, 26, of Sarasota

• Corey Thompson, 25, of Sarasota

• Wael Youseff, 33, of Indian Shores

• David Ward, 47, of North Port

• Corey Wooster, 23, of Sarasota

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