Parts of Manatee River May be Unsafe for Swimming

City releases first test results after sewage leak.

Some areas of the Manatee River may be unsafe for swimming, according to test results released Friday by the City of Bradenton following this week's sewage leak.

Six of 10 samples taken from the river along the downtown waterfront tested above the standard for safe swimming, the city said in a news release. The samples were taken at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, 13 hours after a burst pipe at the city's water treatment plant and sent raw sewage .

Two of the samples, which were taken within 300 feet of the sewage discharge point, exceeded state water quality standards.

The areas that may be unsafe for swimming are:

  • 100 feet west of the railroad bridge at Sixth Street West
  • At the sewage discharge point at Seventh Street West
  • 300 feet east of the Green Bridge at Eighth Street West
  • Both sides of the Green Bridge at Ninth Street West
  • 200 feet east of the railroad bridge at Fifth Street West

City officials had warned the public not to swim, fish or boat near those areas following the leak, which was contained early Thursday morning.

"The City is continuing to sample the river at these locations on a daily basis and will continue to issue water quality results until all samples meet state standards," the release stated.


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