VIDEO: Sheena Morris Case On Dr. Phil

Watch a preview of Thursday's episode of "Dr. Phil" that will cover the Sheena Morris Case in one of two episodes.

The mysterious case of Sheena Morris' death will go national this week in two episodes on Dr. Phil, and the show has released the first of two clips.

Morris, 22, was found hanging in a Bradenton Beach hotel room on Jan. 1, 2009. Bradenton Police police originally ruled her death a suicide, and through the years Morris' family lobbied for addition investigation, believing it may have been foul play, and the case was reopened Oct. 12.

Dr. Phil will air on WTSP at 4 p.m. on both Thursday and Friday.

Several members of Morris' family including Morris' ex-fiance Joe Genoese will appear on the episode, as Patch reported Saturday. The taping of the episode occurred last week in the popular series that has Dr. Phil McGraw providing advice or mediating family issues.

This is what's in store for Thursday's episode, accoring to Dr. Phil's website:

In an effort to clear his name, Joe comes face to face with Sheena's mother and father, Kelly and David, on Dr. Phil's stage. What does Joe say happened on the night Sheena was last seen alive? And, how does his story differ from the one Kelly and David say they've pieced together? Listen to 911 calls from that night, including one from Sheena herself. Tune in and decide for yourself: Is there more to this story than Joe is revealing? 

Friday's episode discusses the results of a polygraph test performed on Genoese.

The Herald-Tribune is reporting Monday that Genoese failed the polygraph test:

“I didn’t do well. I came up deceptive,” Genoese said. “It said I was lying. I guess I should have investigated this thing before I went on there. They set me up. If I was guilty of anything, why the hell would I go out there?”

Morris' mother Kelly Osborn appeared at a Compassionate Friends Sarasota Chapter event Saturday to help offer support to other families who have had a child pass away.

"I know there are so many places where we feel like outcasts. We feel like we can't even mention our child's name because people try to get away from us so quickly," Morris said. "This is a really great chance for us to say their names, go ahead and talk about them in the present tense and all these crazy things we do when we see a butterfly coming around thinking our child is visiting us."

She declined to discuss with Patch that day about the show since she signed a non-disclosure agreement.


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