Christmas Tree Cats Take Over The Holidays

Whether fake or fir, felines seem to love making your Christmas tree a new playhouse.

First it starts with the lowest hanging ornament, dangling like a mouse by its tail, tempting these holiday trouble makers.

Clunk! Crash!

One by one, each decoration and ornament collected through the years comes down, breaking into pieces.

So you attempt to rectify the situation by having a naked Christmas tree at the bottom. Sure, that will prevent any disaster from your cat practicing his ninja skills.

Oh, no, no, no. You've guessed so very wrong. The tail flips up; the kitty has something else in mind, heading to the tree stand to drink the water or turning the treee into a giant scratch pad.

You turn away and hear the rocking around the Christmas tree and see your holiday masterpiece sway back and forth but then it stops. It doesn't topple, but you've discovered a new living ornament that made its way more than halfway up the tree.

O, Cat Chrismas tree. Why do you torture me?

Before knocking Garfield out of the tree, submit a photo in the gallery here to show us your cat's Christmas spirit.


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