Bradenton Teacher to Pay Off Student Loans With Wheel of Fortune Win

The second grade teacher also plans to give her students a pizza party to celebrate her win.

Laura Cassidy, a second grade teacher at the 13th Avenue Charter School Team Success, took home $78,000 after a turn on Wheel of Fortune.

Cassidy who appeared on Wheel of Fortune this week made a real splash on the show — and not just because of her winnings.

Cassidy wrote in her contestant blog that after one puzzle win, she remembered

"I promised my students I would do the 'Totee-Tah' a fun song/dance we do in class," she wrote. "Little did I know that Pat would join in with me!"

But Cassidy was determined to go to the bonus round and win so she could pay off her student loans. So dancing with Pat Sajak was just a warm-up for the final round.

We each had our turn to talk with Pat and it was off to the second Toss-Up round. I didn't end up getting that one OR the Jackpot puzzle. I started to freak out a little in my head, but reminded myself to keep cool there was a lot of game left to play. Then - I rocked the show. Not only did I win every puzzle after that, I flipped over the $10,000 wedge AND won the Prize Puzzle!

Cassidy made it into the final round and solved a tough puzzle, "Fight Song" — with just an s, t and one vowel as clues — winning the grand prize of $50,000 cash.

I just won Wheel of Fortune and made enough money to completely pay off my student loans. WHAT A BLESSING! This is something that has been a nightmare since I graduated college and with rising interest rates, I was falling behind on payments. To be able to get out of debt is going to be an amazing feeling.

Cassidy, who is originally from Canfield, Ohio appeared on this week's patriotic shows to celebrate American Heritage. She said she will use part of her winnings to take her class out for a pizza party at Chuck E. Cheese's.


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