Bob Jones Student From Bradenton Expelled After Watching "Glee"

Chris Peterman, a senior at Bob Jones University, racked up demerits after he created an activist group on campus, and ultimately was kicked out when his last demerits were issued for watching the television show "Glee" off campus.

A 23-year-old student at Bob Jones University from Bradenton has been kicked out of school after bucking the administration.

But it's the act that resulted in his final demerits, that's causing a stir.

It was a story first reported by WSPA, Chris Peterman said he was kicked off campus this week when he contacted the Department of Education and the university's accreditation agency, after he complained of being targeted by the conservative school's administration.

In late 2011, Peterman formed an activist group on campus, "Do Right BJU," which raised awareness of sexual abuse and provided support to those suffering from sexual abuse.

When the administration had a problem with a demonstration on campus, as well as the group's active Facebook page, Peterman said he became the target of harrassment, receiving demerits for things like not shaving, and toward the end of his time at BJU, for watching the popular Fox show "Glee."

His story is featured on the "Do Right BJU" Facebook page and posted on YouTube. Peterman contacted the offices of Congressman Vern Buchanan and Senator Marco Rubio for help. Peterman says it was contacting the elected officials that led to his expulsion. Bob Jones University leaders told him it was an act of intimidation.

Peterman said he is appealing the decision. Bob Jones University officials have not responded to Patch's request for comment.

Proofisinthepudding April 28, 2012 at 09:51 AM
This should not even be news worthy. If he is willing to break the rules, then he should be willing to take the punishment. End of Story!
amy lewis April 28, 2012 at 01:28 PM
why attend a college that you dont agree with? This young man h as made trouble for a long time..this is not just one incident..get the facts before you judge
amy lewis April 28, 2012 at 01:29 PM
why attend a college that you dont agree with? This young man h as made trouble for a long time..this is not just one incident..get the facts before you judge
Sussanne Sykes April 28, 2012 at 01:51 PM
Sorry, I have to agree with "Proof..." and "Amy" above. Rules is rules. Go to a more liberal college if you want to live a liberal life. Standards are standards. this university set standards that he obviously agreed to upon entrance. Now he wants to change, and wants the whole university to change because of him? NOOOOO. he made a cinscious choice and has to live with that decision. SAS
C April 28, 2012 at 02:41 PM
The people who have commented thus far have failed to realize that this student seems to have been challenging how just their standards are. For an institution who condemns immorality so strongly, it seems just as immoral as well as an abuse of power to try to bully a lone student into standing down against their action to shed light to a very serious issue (sexual abuse).
Ian Schneider April 28, 2012 at 03:58 PM
RULE OF LAW. Could you imagine a society where there were no rules? With that being said, this individual made a "choice" to act in a manor which resulted in a consequence. My mom always said, "you play you pay." Why does the media try so hard to make someone a victim, when their is no victim, just to push an agenda. But as a wise man once said. "truth has no agenda."
Stacy D. April 28, 2012 at 08:11 PM
I am fine with the RULE OF LAW but not fine with BJU being the law...if this is a "Godly" school... I think God is probably real disappointed that they don't teach mercy, grace, or love your neighbor... for shame! WWJD
David Miller April 29, 2012 at 05:15 AM
He was helped along the way to break some rules so they could have an excuse. The real story is BJU & Bob Jones Loves a good Rapist protecting thugish pastor like Chuck Phelps and they were pissed about Chris helping to reveal their wicked decision that Bob himself kept defending. Bob Jones III, knew that Chuck hid the Rapsit in his church after deceiving his members into think that the Rapsit Ernest Willis only had an affair with some other woman. People of everykind, including longtime supporters and former graduates on a mass scale from BJU said that having Chuck on the board was like giving a raise to a criminal and glorifying him to boot while ignoring the victim. Everyone with any brain can see that because Chris brough Light (Jesus) to this question of Chuck Phelps being on BJU's board allowed people to say no, no that is not what people who claim to love Jesus would do, is it Pudding head. Shut up and think for yourself instead of kissing up to human authority when it is wrong, and it, BJU, is often wrong, Jesus said you bring in truth. Christ new they have control and are tyrants but he thought they would be okay with doing the right thing. Well that was his real mistake. These vicious thugs love a Rapist protector much much more that truth or fairness. BJU cut your hair lower, lower your skirt, make sure your tie is perfectly straight but its okay to have a thug criminal Pastor on your board that can care less about jsutice or a victim of rape. Hmmmn
David Miller April 29, 2012 at 05:19 AM
Dear Amy, I would like to say you are an Idiot of the highest order but I would rather just say you are brainwashed too much. Listen Amy, he was helped a lot with getting demerits that were granted to him by very excited and willing helpers of the highest levels of government at BJU. Why? Because he made them look bad for wanting Chuck Rapist Protecting Phelps off of the board because he also hid, moved a girl 2,000 miles away from the crime seen while prertending to do his best to get the cops to arrest the Rapist while Chuck even lied to his church implying that the rapist had an affair with a separte older woman. So this Rapist got to run around free and I am sure he raped successfulmany more times. " But that is okay with you because your Thugish leader Bob Jones wanted him on the board but everyone new including the majority of Bob Jone's own supporters and former students and current students thought Bob Jones was nuttier than a fruit cake to want that criminal Chuck Phelps that Puke of a rapist protector and pastor fake on his board. Don't you think that Jesus wouyld have said the same thing about Chuck? I do. Chuck makes excuses for his crimes and BJU doesn't give a darn about victims and that is obvious now to anyone thinking. Bob Jones are evil jackasses & because they wanted to screw him over & Bob Jones is wickedly vicious enogh to do whatever it took to get REVENGE (Idiot), do not you think now that it is the End of Story? Da Think?
David Miller April 29, 2012 at 05:37 AM
Sussane you are obviously in the same cult. So do you do what BJU says when it is doing Evil? Do you think that Chuck Phelps really, really tried to get the rapist to the cops because as he said he called them once or twice but never filled out a police report? He lied to his church & hid the fact that Ernest Willis the rapist, only had and afair with another women & that Tina got preganant probably by some young kid somewhere, because that is what was said & implied on confession night. Do you think if the truth would have been said clearly on confession night that others could have help poor Chuck Phelps to get the police down to the church because someone else could have taken 10 minutes to fill out a police report instead of everyone being ignornat, like you to the truth & so the rapist got to run around the church & PREY on other little victims? Hmmmn ? Do you think that you or me or anyone trying at all, could have found the cops & told the people at least the truth that Ernest Willis, the rapist, got Tina pregant instead of the members meant to be assuming that they were separate situations?Hmmmnn. Chuck was also considered a liar by the courts because he was labled a Hostile Witness. This is labled you get when your story to the cops changes. watch the 20/20 Episode again. Watch Chuck at the end say, oh- I told you this but I told the cops that. That means Chuck Phelps is an obvious LIAR. Do right doesn't mean get even with Chris.
Mike Horvath April 30, 2012 at 02:34 AM
Why does BJU judge students and others on what they do (such as watching a television program? Isn't being judge one thing God does not like? Should those who judge other be condemned to hell in Gods eyes? Please someone tell me what Peterman did was wrong and what is freedom of speech? Please everyone chill and get a life and stop worrying and condenming what others do...... This is not what God wants.
Daisy Deadhead Show April 30, 2012 at 07:54 AM
Christopher Peterman, the student at the center of this story, was on The Daisy Deadhead Show this past Saturday. On the show he details being followed around the campus, being reported to BJU authorities by fellow students, and being called to spiritual counseling sessions at midnight. The show can be found by doing a web search for "The Daisy Deadhead Show" or subscribing via iTunes. In response to a Facebook page set up to intimidate Daisy Deadhead, Mr. Peterman posted the linked youTube video, entitled "Why would you bully a Daisy?" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9ct8VqBxbM
Daisy Deadhead Show April 30, 2012 at 07:56 AM
I see that the linking does work. To listen to the show from yesterday streaming or to download a podcast, visit http://www.TheDaisyDeadheadShow.com For more about Daisy Deadhead, visit http://www.DaisyDeadhead.com
RKG May 09, 2012 at 02:39 AM
BJU is not a normal university as all may have guessed. This school views 18 year olds as young children incapable of most decision making. Everything is off limits there and almost every tiny action- clothing choice, lack of slip or pantyhose- actually leads to expulsion. This university is better understood as a private Catholic school run by by the strictest nuns who gladly toss you off campus permanently. Agreeing to attend the school means giving up many rights and freedoms, just as parents control the freedom of small children. Just a reality check- surreal, yes- but reality every day for every student at BJU.


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