Sarasota Retiree Is Former Democratic Chair of Westchester County, N.Y.

Richard Weingarten was joined by his wife Rita Weingarten at the campaign rally by Vice President Joe Biden in Sarasota.

Richard Weingarten has been active in politics what seems like lifetime.

"I've met almost every president including the Republican presidents since Truman with the exception of the current president," said Weingarten. "He's one of the only ones I haven't met."

Weingarten's previous role would provide him that opportunity. When Richard and Rita Weingarten lived in New York, Richard was the chairman of the Westchester County Democratic Committee. Now retired in Sarasota, the couple get to see Vice President Joe Biden again during his speech at the Municipal Auditorium.

"I met the vice president when he was running for president, and in fact, he was a neighbor of a good friend when he lived in Wilmington," Richard said.

Richard added that he admires what President Barack Obama and Biden's been able to do despite Republican opposition.

"I think as a longtime observer of political events, I think it's shameful for any party to make its sole mission in life to defeat the incumbent," Richard said. "That's not the American way."

Rita, who is originally from Miami, thinks Biden deserves another four more years with President Barack Obama.

"I think he is a wonderful person, and he's truly done a wonderful job and deserves to be elected with the president again," Rita said.


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