10-year Plan to End Homelessness Unveiled

Suncoast Partnership to End Homelessness in Sarasota County released the first part of the SetUp plan documenting how to eradicate homelessness here in a decade.

A new 10-year-plan aimed at ending homelessness in Sarasota County is going to take the community’s help, input and cooperation if it wants to succeed, organizers said Wednesday.

“Have to move away from a crises management system and move into stability and have to move into partnership and collaboration and be smarter in how we deliver services,” said Adam Tebrugge, co-chairman of Suncoast Partnership to End Homelessness’ 10-year plan.

The executive summary of the draft plan — StepUp — was released at a Wednesday press conference at the R. L. Anderson Administration Building in Venice where the public got its first glimpse of how homelessness could end in Sarasota County. 

More than 16,000 people in 2010 sought services from Suncoast Partnership providers for homelessness and economic hardship reasons, according to the partnership’s Web site.

“It was never our intention to come up with a set of guidelines that would sit on a shelf somewhere,” Tebrugge said. “We are asking every member of Sarasota County to step up to the plate.”

Richard Martin, executive director of Suncoast Partnership to End Homelessness, said the plan should be ambitious, visionary and realistic. 

“Our vision is very simple,” he said. “Everyone deserves a safe place to call home.”

Vol. 2 will be rolled out in phases on StepUpSarasota.com where visitors are encouraged to comment. 

“It’s sort of a wiki blog and make your comments, throw your darts and arrows, make this yours,” Martin said. “This is a draft.”

The plan has five objectives: 

• Streamline countywide systems to develop, fund, implement and monitor programs that address homelessness, poverty, and economic stability

• Meet immediate needs of the homeless

• Develop communitywide intervention programs to identify and stabilize housing for people and families at risk of homelessness

• Use cost-effective ways to provide levels and steps of housing to support people toward permanent housing

• Cultivate economic stability by creating steps toward self-sufficiency, permanent housing and financial stability 

On the human-to-human interaction end with the homeless, the challenge is making the homeless aware and comfortable of services that are provided to help them, understanding their background and identifying disability or veteran status to make accommodations and funding and logistics of providing them with their birth certificate, social security card and a permanent ID, Martin said.

On the organizational and bureaucratic end, it’s getting organizations to cooperate with each other, having input with the plan and coordinating services so there’s no gap, he said. 

Suncoast Partnership will continue to introduce the plan at various boards and commissions — public and private — to have input and eventually want each part, whether it’s a city council, a non-profit board, the hospital or police department, adopt their part of the plan to implement, he said.

Other initiatives include work with United Way’s 2-1-1- system of Manasota to develop a service delivery system to efficiently provide help, build single-room occupancy housing and open a One Stop Center/Day Shelter in south county, according to the plan.

“Turning hopelessness into hope is an aspiring process,” Martin said.

A. Disabled Person December 23, 2011 at 10:09 PM
Apparently you do not understand anything about being disabled. The definition of being disabled, according to the law, is that YOU CANNOT WORK. HELLO!! I invite YOU, since you are obviously not disabled or you would understand this basic concept, to do the very thing you suggested and volunteer where disabled people live. Do you think disabled people are just lazy? Do you think they WANT to be disabled or have a CHOICE whether or not they can work? Geez, at least talk to ANY doctor and get a fact! You have no right to your opinion until you have a clue what it is like to be disabled and what disabled people go through. Do you know that some people live with so much pain that they kill themselves waiting for disability to help after they paid into the system all their lives? Disabled people are not "taking advantage of the system." This is what we pay Social Security for in the first place, and we are FORCED to pay into the system. Do you know people starve waiting for disability to pay because they cannot earn money and have to wait to go through the system for as much as even 8 years? How would you like to go through 8 years of your life with no income, lose everything you own then finally your house? Do you think it is easy to get on disability? Have you ever talked to even one person on disability to see what it is like? Wake up, Sunshine, and let's not go spouting off solutions without any facts. Ignorance isn't THAT much bliss!
Proofisinthepudding December 23, 2011 at 11:43 PM
Did I say anything about disabled????????? Why did you ever even go there? There are always circumstances in every situation, but we have blaten abusers of all the give aways. Tell me I am wrong again! Did you base your comments on facts or your own situation which is not the majority. I do have empathy for and believe that people that are in real need should recieve help. So please read the comments I made and there was nothing refering that truely need help.
Dan Quarteran December 30, 2011 at 05:20 AM
quote from this article: Vol. 2 will be rolled out in phases on StepUpSarasota.com where visitors are encouraged to comment. “It’s sort of a wiki blog and make your comments, throw your darts and arrows, make this yours,” Martin said. “This is a draft.” >>>>>>>>>>>>> I had no success attempting to comment on this plan at stepupsarasota.org. Anyone else try?
Proofisinthepudding December 30, 2011 at 10:52 AM
The website says there are difficulties right now. Guess we will have to wait.
john murphy January 09, 2013 at 06:02 PM
just have a city person that is employed for one year or less to be homeless that is his or her job. No on the other hand make sure it's a male,a women would not last in that group of homeless people. then take report's of all of what you hear and see get to know the losers and the the one's who really want to make it. Then your answers well come more clearly, what to do with the ones who want it and the ones who don't, and the resons why. I have been in and out of being homeless for 16 year's. Once you go there you relly don't come back it's like going to war. You get beat up. No money no real friend's, everybody,s looking to take what you got, It take's a lot out of you, trying to get out of it is key. and talk about beening humbled beening homeless will do that,or drive you crazy. I have been there I know first hand. So don,t give up on helping people, the one that use you. You can a mile away. But when you see somebody that is really trying, give a hand up not a hand out. thank you lizardlips1963@yahoo.com


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