State Troopers Target Trucker Safety

Starting Sunday Florida State Troopers will spend a week emphasizing safe driving around large trucks and other commercial vehicles.

The Florida Highway Patrol will participate in Operation Safe Driver on Florida highways starting today and running through Saturday.

Operation Safe Driver is a national awareness and enforcement campaign that targets improving both commercial and non-commercial driver behavior through education, awareness and aggressive enforcement strategies. Commercial Vehicle Enforcement troopers will be out in full force, performing commercial vehicle driver safety inspections and targeting unsafe driving habits on the roadways. 

“The campaign aims to educate all motorists on the risks involved with aggressive and distracted driving around large trucks,” said Col. David Brierton, director of the Florida Highway Patrol.

“Although troopers perform this work daily, we are emphasizing commercial driver safety and reducing crashes that involve commercial vehicles.” 

While additional funding from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration makes specialized enforcement activities, such as Operation Safe Driver, possible, FHP continues to promote safe driving habits year-round through roadside safety inspections, industry outreach and enforcement of state traffic laws. In 2011, FHP conducted more than 110,000 commercial vehicle inspections placing more than 19,000 vehicles and drivers out of service for critical safety violations. 

The Patrol encourages motorist to dial *FHP (*347) from your cell phone to contact FHP to report an aggressive driver or to request roadside assistance. Callers may remain anonymous. 

Thanks to the Florida Highway Patrol for sending us this information.

pjn fin October 15, 2012 at 01:55 AM
Commercial long haul drivers have safety briefing monthly by safety experts and a written test.I am not a commercial driver.I rode with a commercial ad river for 2 months.I used to have the mindset it was the trucker not the cars causing the problems.But that's really not so.Drivers in cars seem to not know where the back of the cars and cut in so close sometimes you can't even see them they are so close and you pray they don't hit there brakes like so many passing vehicles as they cut you off.No turn signal use.Most of the commercial trucks have governors so they can only go about63 MPH.riding in blind spots on trucks is really dangerous.If you can't their mirrors from behind they can't see you.The sides also have blindspots .Also Motorhome drivers were some of the scariest drivers.there. Inexperience with large top heavy vehicles and also they use bridges they are not rated for there vehicles.they were to heavy.they need to go through a commercial drivers course and get a cel they weigh and should follow the same restrictions.I saw many wrecks with these bus like vehicles.during the fall we get a lot of these going south on I-75 towing cars and they get in the 3rd lane and block traffic and weave all over very scary.You see a lot when you are riding in a commercial truck.you look down and see right in the vehicles.When I rode I saw a lot of texting and people on a phone driving with their knees going fast.


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