Pedestrian Using Crosswalk Gets Hit and Killed

A Largo woman using a crosswalk but against the pedestrian signal was hit and killed by a car late Friday night, according to Largo Police.

A Largo woman crossing East Bay Drive was hit and killed by a Clearwater driver late Friday night.

While Stephanie Sword, of Largo, was using the crosswalk at the intersection of Fulton Street and East Bay Drive around 11:46 p.m., according to Largo Police Sgt. George Edmiston, it was against the pedestrian signal.

Nermin Toptchiyska, 23, of Clearwater, was heading westbound on East Bay Drive and approaching a green light at Fulton Street in a 2006 Lexus sedan when she hit Sword, 37, according to investigators.

Sword died as a result of her injuries, according to police.

The case is under investigation by the Largo Police Traffic Homicide Unit.  

Leroy A Haggard September 10, 2012 at 10:29 AM
Just take a bus ride, get on and off at random, at the designated bus stops particularly in the Largo area, and find a cross walk without having to take a cab to get to a cross walk. Take a look at traffic signals that gives a person about 30 seconds to cross a 6 lane hwy. Try that with a walker or cane. It is more than put the blame where it belongs, the blame is a shared responsibility. Take a hard look at the number of traffic accidents especially on Seminole Blvd. Try that during the evening where the only lights are that of headlights of cars swishing by you. Try walking the Malls where even sidewalks are a premium and a pedestrian is forced to walk the streets. Accidents do not happen by themselves, they have help..
Vanessa Bailey September 10, 2012 at 03:30 PM
I notice cops sitting in all these diff. places looking for speeders...and that's great and all...but here is an idea...How about if you are just going to sit there,do it at corners of crosswalks. I take the bus every place i go with my 4 year old daughter,and i dont know how many times we have almost been hit while crossing at those things!!! drivers just don look when they are going to turn...they see a green light and go...forget about the people on the sidewalk that have the right away. please please please focus more on the people driving in cars that just flat out ignore people on foot!
Leroy A Haggard September 10, 2012 at 06:50 PM
Finally! To give pedestrians an even break, drivers have to be put under the gun. Twice, I have almost been struck by a car, not by me trying to cross a street, but walking on a sidewalk. I hate to say this, but I will. Many are drivers are too old to drive any longer. I am 77 years old and gave up my license when I turned 70. I wanted to sleep at night peacefully. My reflexes were not the same as a person 20 or 30 years younger than I. But as a result, I feel like a prisoner in my own house because I dread the thought of having to cross a street, crosswalk or non. I think these drivers are ignoring pedestrians, but many just no longer mentally see them. I feel for you and your daughter having to face that day in and day out. Just maybe pedestrians should strike every corner, block traffic, and do what it takes to save lives, not to take lives needlessly. until steps and communication with community leaders have been resolved. Protesters protest with many not even knowing what they are protesting about. This is about you, your daughter, and everyone else who has a God given right to life.
Wayne Williams September 12, 2012 at 06:11 PM
I have read these comments, and notice one huge thing missing,,, the question of the driver, I was there that night, the driver was doing well over 60mph in a 45 zone, while weaving in and out of the traffic. She never hit the brakes, which means she never even saw the two people crossing. I saw them and i was further back. Its a shame someone got killed yes, but to blame the victim? That's just sick.
Carol Kinney September 14, 2012 at 08:09 PM
Thank you Wayne - I was going to ask how fast was the driver going not to see someone. Accidents happen I understand that but when you put yourself behind the wheel you need to keep your eyes open. Looking for people at crosswalks is a responsibility we all need re-learn - not looking at the phone to see who might be texting (Not saying that's what she was doing but seen this many of times). Florida has the worst record when it comes to bicycles and pedestrians deaths - because they get away with it! One reason, you ever pushed one of those buttons at a light but the light doesn't change? So how are we to get to the other side of the street . . . that's right we play frogger. We finally got a few bike lanes . . . that the cars use. To me it doesn't matter if the light was green, if someone is in the crosswalk you stop or slow down for them you don't just run them over - or is that being too polite these days?


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