Where Is the Manatee Schools' CFO? -- Letter to Editor

A readers asks about the whereabouts of Chief Financial Office Michael Boyer as the Manatee School District faces an unexpected budget gap and a forensic audit to determine what went wrong.

Letter to the editor

October 19, 2012

Has anyone noticed the absence of the CFO of the Manatee School District?  It is rumored that Michael Boyer has taken a two week vacation.  How can this be?  Right in the middle of a financial crises.  Never mind the fact that he has only worked at the District since March 2012.

Does it make you wonder if he was asked to disappear for a while?

So we are in the middle of a forensic audit and introducing a new interim superintendent and the CFO is conspicuously missing.

And the saga goes on, and on, and on and ……….

-- Michael Becks



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