Pet Lovers Rejoice For Low Cost Vaccinations

On a journey to find affordable pet vaccinations, Pet Shot Express didn't extract a lot of cash from my checkbook.

I don't know if the rest of you are as shocked as I was at the cost of pet vaccinations in Sarasota County.

I nearly fell off my chair. I have had the same vet for years he was a great old country vet, he believed in the same principles as I did which was only treating what need to be treated, not over treating or over medicating an animal and not giving vaccinating that were not needed.

I use many holistic methods on my animals an my vet was fine with that. He believe in charging what something was worth. He charged $46 for a full set of vaccination shots with county tags and Heartguard for $24. He finally retired when he was well into his 80's selling his practice to a younger vet. 

They of course did not hold many of his beliefs especially frowning on holistic practices and the practice of charging what things are worth. Needless to say, I was on the hunt for a new vet so I started looking in Sarasota as my vet was in Bradenton.  

Boy, oh boy was I surprised. 

First, I was told that if my dog was in tact that it would be an extra charge (not spayed or neutered).

After seven calls I had my average price of vaccinations.  The cost to vaccinate a 7 pound dog would be somewhere between $186 and $215. How could that be possible?

Luckily, I saw a sign when I was driving through the SweetBay grocery store parking lot for pet vaccinations for $35 so I thought I would check it out; I'm glad I did. The service is through Pet Shot Express.

For $84 I got all vaccinations, Sarasota County pet ID tag plus a heart worm check and prescription for Trifexis. 

I could have gotten the $35 deal but I opted for the full monty while I was there. 

The vet was from a clinic in Venice; she was extremely knowledgeable and very nice. 

They do this on a regular basis I will put their information at the end of the post so you can also get low-cost pet vaccinations. They have a website that has all the information on dates and times.

One thing you do need to know is they are only at each location for approximately 1 hour so get there early as the line forms quickly an there are cats, dogs, and birds.

The next time Pet Shot Express will be in Bradenton is Sunday, March 25, and Sunday, April 22.

They'll be in Sarasota on Sunday, April 1 and Sunday, April 15.

Look for signs at your local SweetBays, times vary.

Give them a call at 239-699-3153 or visit them at www.petshotexpress.net.

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Spunky March 25, 2012 at 11:12 AM
I am not sure I like the dog vaccines given on the side walk, but do understand the need for low cost shots. If a pravo vaccine is not stored correctly in the right temperature it can give your dog parvo. The low cost programs through local vets and the Humane Society is most likely a better bet for your animals.
Belinda Kramer March 25, 2012 at 06:11 PM
I have to pipe in on this one. I love my vet, i once heard from a fellow animal lover that your vet is your other family doctor & its so true!!! My dog is a member of my family. When i think about going to a place that gives "shots" in a parking lot of a grocery store...that freaks me out. My dog went to our vet for his yearly exam, my vet found what looked to be a little cyst, i didnt even know it was there as it was smaller than a quarter. Upon further exam, our vet suspected it was "not a good type" and recommended he have it removed thru surgery. We did do it and i am glad i did! It turned out to be a bad type of tumor that would have spread! My dog went thru surgery with flying colors and the tumor was completely removed. My dogs life was saved because i took him in when recommended and it was found early. I doubt a person running a shot clinic in a parking lot for an hour would have found it & if they did...then what? I would have had to go somewhere else anyhow. When i fill up my gas tank for $60 a week, his once a year exam with my vet doesnt seem all that expensive. Everything has gone up in price. I just budget his care into everything else i budget. I know it comes around every year.
Gena Allison March 26, 2012 at 05:48 PM
As you stated we all love our pets however, that being said I don't think that opting for a less costly option of vaccinations for your pet in any way equates to anyone loving their pet any less. On the other hand I have always driven to Bradenton for my vet services and I go to Venice quite frequently for business and to see family and friends so for me to take my dog their to see a vet who has an established clinic an is licensed by the state an chooses to do the the Pet Shot Express clinics on the weekend so people who can not or do not wish to pay ungodly amounts of money to have their pet vaccinated in my eye is a humanitarian, a champion of animals. In this economy most of the animal shelters are full an are having difficulty finding foster homes for animals as they also are full due to people giving up their animal thanks to the economy. I did not recommend anyone replace their vet rather simply if you would like to save on the cost of vaccinations give it a try. All vets have clinics of their own an work for Pet Shot Express because they love animals As for what to I do when something happens to my dog if it's during office hours it's no problem however, I really have not found many vets that have a 24 hour service except the animal emergency rooms which I thankfully have not had to use but would if necessary.
Gena Allison March 26, 2012 at 06:07 PM
glad your dog is healthy and happy Pet shot Express is not for everyone but for some it means the difference between being able to keep the animal an keep it up to date with shot or have to surrender it due to economic reason. You are not in that situation an I did not take my dog there as a replacement for my vet just to get his shots up to date. However the vet was so gentle, kind, informative and she took her time with each of the animals. When I said they were there only an hour that is their target time that doesn't always happen sometimes it takes longer as they do take their time with the animals. I am very particular about my dogs care so I checked the entire setup out before he got his shot they have a van with a refrigerator in it when the stop at a SweetBay they put the shot that need to be refrigerated in a cooler with a thermometer, they sanitize the table in between animals, everything was properly discarded after each shot, they changed gloves after each animal so I felt comfortable or I would not have let my dog get the service. I just simply could not justify $186 or $215 for vaccination an in talking to the staff an vet at Pet Shot Express they said they hear that quite frequently people keep their regular vet but bring their animals to them for vaccinations.
Dr. F January 30, 2013 at 05:27 PM
I am a veterinarian that does relief work in the Sarasota area. I constantly have to deal with the infections and vaccine reactions that these people cause. The really sad part is that loving owners were only trying to do the right thing for thier pets. Parking lot vaccinations? Really? Honestly, you do get exactly what you pay for.


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