VIDEO: Red-Painted Vulture is Rescued in Bradenton

The bird, which was suffering from dehydration and depression, is recovering at Bradenton Beach nonprofit Wildlife Incorporated, ABC 7 reports.

A vulture that had apparently been painted red is recovering after it was rescued in Bradenton earlier this week, ABC 7 reports.

The bird, first spotted a few weeks ago, was captured Monday in a wooded area off 83rd Street Northwest by officials with Bradenton Beach nonprofit Wildlife Incorporated, according to the news station (see accompanying video). A veterinarian who examined the vulture told ABC the paint caused it to become dehydrated and depressed, and that it also appears to have lost weight.

"To pin an animal down and spray paint it is just sickening to me," rescuer Damen Hurd told the news station.

The vulture, which has been named Valentine, is expected to make a full recovery, ABC reports.

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