Deputies: Man Chokes Girlfriend, Steals Money

Deputies said the suspect grasped her around the neck with his arm and demanded she give him money.

The Manatee County Sheriff's Office is searching for 38-year-old Christopher Murrell after he allegedly choked his girlfriend and stole money from her. 

According to the sheriff's report, while driving together just after 2 a.m. Thursday, the victim and Murrell began arguing. 

The victim exited the car in a parking lot at 4605 14th St. W. and began walking away from Murrell, authorities said. 

Deputies said Murrell caught up to the victim, grasped her around the neck with his arm, and demanded she give him money. 

She complied with his demands and he then fled the area on foot. 

The victim called 911 and units searched where he was believed to have gone.  Despite K-9 and multiple efforts, he was not located. 

According to authorities, the victim was not seriously injured.


Mark March 01, 2013 at 02:51 PM
Hmmm...wonder what 38-year-old Christopher Murrell needed money so urgently for at 2 am while he and his girlfriend were just driving around? Probably just had a hankering for one of those new Taco Bell creations and she wanted Mickey-D's instead - that's it...lol Note to Sheriff Brad: Your leadership is failing. Drug crimes are up sharply in Manatee County as is evidenced in the various news sources on a daily basis. You need to step up to the plate and be more proactive and you might be able to reverse the trend. It hasn't happened yet, but we citizens can only hope....until the next election.


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