Cheapest Gas In Bradenton: Feb. 28

Try to avoid pain at the pump? Here's where to fill up (and where to avoid) this week.

Need to fill up before you start the work week, and want to save a little money in the process? We know where to find the cheapest gas in town this Monday.

The three stations currently selling the cheapest gas in Bradenton are listed below. We'll also let you know who had the priciest gas. Prices are according to GasBuddy.com and were compiled within the last 24 hours.


  • Citgo, 2306 Manatee Ave. E.
    Regular - $3.29
    Premium - $3.59
  • , 1832 Manatee Ave. E.
    Regular - $3.29
    Premium - $3.59
  • , 111 12th Ave. E.
    Regular - $3.29
    premium - $3.59


  • , 3401 Manatee Ave. W.
    Regular - $3.49
    Premium - $3.59


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