'Spring Breakers' Gets Release Date and Trailer Debut

The Sarasota- and Tampa Bay-shot movie will have a trailer released on Thursday at 7 a.m. on MTV and is set for wide release on March 29.

Last March, and Vanessa Hudgens filming Spring Breakers. In a few months, you'll be able to go and see those local areas on the big screen.

Spring Breakers is due for wide release on March 29, almost a year after they finished filming on area beaches in Tampa Bay.

The film will also be releasing it's first trailer on MTV news this Thursday according to the film's twitter account. 

The story of the film is set to revolve around a drug dealer, played by Franco, who bails a group of girls on spring break out of jail. He then demands that they kill his rival. Based on the plot and the uncensored leaked clip (Not Suitable For Work), it's safe to say the movie appears to be quite darker than the scenes the public saw of Selena Gomez and friends happily riding scooters along St. Pete Beach.

Plus one casting call for the movie, offering women $150 to take off their top. involved topless scenes.

Another Sarasota major movie production, Parker starring Jennifer Lopez and Jason Statham will be in theaters Jan. 25. The action-adventure heist movie was shot in the Ca' d'Zan.


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