Riverwalk to Host ArtSlam on Saturday

The third annual event will include more art including visual,, written and performance art.

In it’s third year, ArtSlam, Bradenton’s biggest annual arts event, will bring together professional artists, students, faculty, and the public, for a one-day celebration of collaborative creativity.

Working in teams, artists, sculptors, dancers, athletes, poets, painters, designers, photographers, musicians and videographers will create temporary works of public art and performance Saturday from noon to 10 p.m. along Bradenton's new Riverwalk. As spectators observe and, in many cases, engage in the creative process, the teams will work throughout the day creating their unique works.

The art experience will include a riverfront festival with food, beverages, and live music; and will culminate with the presentation of completed projects. ArtSlam is an outdoor, public event for a general audience of all ages.

This year ArtSlam moves from downtown to Bradenton’s recently opened Riverwalk Park, which stretches over a mile along the Manatee River in downtown Bradenton.  Over forty artist-teams and performers, on multiple stages, will stretch from the new skateboard park, through winding, landscaped walkways, to the Green Bridge just east of the Twin Dolphin Marina.  The event will end with a grand presentation in the central pavilion area starting at 8 p.m.



Project Title:  Our Transcending Universe
Organization:  Urban Spiral Dream Company
Lead Artist:  Misha Eli Rubinstein
Email Address: spiralenterprises@gmail.comDescription:  Our Transcending Universe uses elements of nature – earth, metal, water, wood, wind, and fire – to illustrate the connections of each segment of our community to each other and the river.  It includes a mobile performance from approximately 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Project Title: Multi-Cultural Art & Symbols
Organization:  Imagine Schools North Manatee
Lead Artist:  Tracy Parker
Phone Number:  201-248-4835
Email Addresstracy.parker@imagineschools.comDescription:  Multi-Cultural Art & Symbols brings a sense of cultural diversity to ArtSlam through the creation of, and education about, traditional cultural artforms.

Project Title:  Face Painting
Organization:  Bayshore High School
Lead Artist:  Claire Hickman
Phone Number:  941-448-4034
Email Addresshickmanc@manateeschools.netDescription:  Based on Chinese Zodiac elements, participants will identify their elements and create jewelry and body painting.

Project Title:  Circular Wave
Lead Artist:  Lee Baumgard
Phone Number: 941-704-2596
Email Addresszlark@verizon.netDescription:  The audience will join a team of artists to create a circular painted structure that will shape-shift throughout the day.

Project Title:  Homelessness Through a Child’s Eyes
Organization Name:  Community Coalition on Homelessness
Lead Artist:  Cheryl Hedger
Phone Number: (941) 773-2151
Email Addresschedger@cchomeless.comDescription:   Hunger and Homelessness as seen through the eyes of elementary art students.  The audience will be asked to vote for the favorites.

Project Title:  The Labyrinth of the Unbroken Path
Lead Artist:  Steve McAllister & Commonwealth Time Bank
Phone Number:  941-275-2784
Email AddressInkensoul@gmail.comDescription:  The Labyrinth of the Unbroken Path is constructed utilizing the skills of local artists to draw attention to natural alignments and cultural paradigms.

Project Title:  Shake, Rattle & Roll
Organization Name:  Southeast High School
Lead Artist:  Barbara Kenney
Phone Number:  704-2122
Email Addresskenneyb@manateeschools.netDescription:  Children will be able to paint pre-made ceramic rattles with watercolors.  They can then use the rattles to accompany the many musical performances throughout the day.

Project Title:  It’s a Jungle Out There
Organization Name:  Southeast High School
Lead Artist:  Barbara Kenney
Description:  Students will do face painting, there will be 3 full body animals/people, and there will be 8 to 10 local animal rescue organizations set-up for adoption.

Project Title:  The Vessel
Organization Name:  Manatee School for the Arts
Lead Artist:  Stacie Cratty
Phone Number:  941-465-1213
Email Addresssrcratty@yahoo.comDescription:  Students from Manatee School for the Arts will create will create artwork throughout the day, which will include painting and dying fabric, constructing a 16x16 foot sculpture, and performing through dance and song.

Project Title:  Wind on the River
Organization Name:  ArtCenter Manatee
Lead Artist:  Carla Nierman
Phone Number: 941-746-2862
Email Addresscarla@artcentermanatee.orgDescription:  ArtCenter Manatee creates a colorful, interactive display of windsocks decorated and embellished by event participants and members of the community. 

Project Title:  Bamboo Organic Entrance
Lead Artist:  Jan Prince
Phone Number:  941-799-1130
Email Addressjan9417489656@gmail.comDescription: Participants will work with a team of artists and volunteers to create a large, walk-thru, organic sculpture

Project Title:  Catch the Wave
Organization:  State College of Florida Art Clubs
Lead Artist:  Holly Cole
Phone Number:  941-776-9222; 941-920-0762
Email Addresscoleh@scf.eduDescription:  State College of Florida invites participants to “Catch the Wave” by helping create a large, walk-thru underwater experience. 

Project Title:  Field of Poetry
Organization Name:  Leprechaun Productions
Lead Artist:  Kevin Mooney
Phone Number:  941-423-3848
Email Address: kmooney54@verizon.netDescription: Poet Kevin Mooney creates a walk-able field of poetry.  Thoughtful images and stories to be enjoyed by all.

Project Title:  Kissing Fish
Lead Artist:  Barbara Ellen
Phone Number: 941-545-8934
Email Addressbellen9999@aol.comDescription:  Barbara will be creating paintings of her “Kissing Fish” throughout the day.

Project Title:  Art Gallery for a Day
Organization Name:  Sun Coast Photo Alliance
Lead Artist:  John Kokajko, Matt Allison, Tara Sell
Email Address:  john@kokajko.com; f8gallery@gmail.comDescription:   Art Gallery for a Day will utilize interactive versions of multiple photographic techniques and introduce the community to photography and to the Sun Coast Photo Alliance.

Project Title:  Poetry Sculpture & Slam
Organization Name:  Braden River Library
Lead Artist:  Stan Seacrest / Stacy Reyer
Phone Number: 941-727-6079 x6353 
Email Address: stacy.reyer@mymanatee.orgDescription: The community is invited to participate in the completion of a large sculptural version of poetry books by adding their original poetry.  Poetry Sculpture and Slam includes a live poetry slam performance.

Project Title: Ringling Underground
Organization Name:  The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art
Lead Artist:  Nick Sirotich and Austin Kowal
Phone Number:  941-359-5700 x2806
Email AddressShakira.Refos@ringling.orgAddress:  Ringling Museum 5401 Bay Shore Road Sarasota, FL 34243
Description:  Ringling Underground connects the people of Bradenton to the area’s greatest arts institution through screen-printing, contemporary music, and audience participation. 

Project Title:  Sarasota Chalk Festival 
Organization Name:
Lead Artist:  Denise Kowal
Phone Number:  941-374-4790
Email Addressdenise.kowal@mac.comDescription: Sarasota Chalk Festival invites the community to assist in the creation of a large-scale work of art.

Project Title:  Dancing through the Eyes of a Woman
Organization Name:  Fuzion Dance
Lead Artist: Beverly Smith
Phone Number:  704-2122
Email Address:  kenneyb@manateeschools.net
Description:  A live paint abstract by Beverly Smith will be created over the course of the day and accompanied by Fuzion Dance performances.

Project Title: Skate-World
Lead Artist:  Geza Darrah, Cheeta Chad and the skateboard community
Phone Number:  941-539-0308
Email Addressgeza@gascreative.com          
Description: Bradenton Riverwalk Skatepark becomes a one-day festival of motion, art, and music

Project Title: Legomania
Lead Artist:  Jenah + Kidserve
Email Addresskidsserve@gmail.com            
Description: Participants will create Lego constructs, and have their pictures taken instantly.


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