Shop at New Patchington Store, and Help Support Majical Miniatures Rescue!

Bring in an item from the Majical Miniatures wishlist on Feb. 23 and receive 10% off your purchase. Five percent of all sales that will go to help the rescue organization.

The new Patchington Store in Sarasota will host a one-day event to benefit Majical Miniatures Animal Sanctuary, a 501c3 nonprofit wild/exotic animal rescue facility.

Patchington offers designer resort wear for women. Although Patchingtons is new to Downtown Sarasota. The retailer has been in business for over 40 years with 22 locations through out south Florida.

Be sure to visit Patchington downtown at 1467 Main St., Sarasota, on Saturday, February 23.

Bring in an item from the Majical Miniatures wishlist and receive 10% off your purchase (excluding purchases of Coobie bras & NOT YOUR DAUGHTERS jeans. Offer can not be combined with other in-store sales).

PLUS 5% of all sales for that day will be donated to Majical Miniatures! The day of the event includes already scheduled in-store sales, so even buying one item will help the animals.

Judith Horn, manager of Patchington, tells us that the company is very community oriented and she plans to host events through out the year to benefit local animal rescues and shelters. The event on February 23rd for Majical Miniatures will be the first of many such events. Judith moved here two years ago from Myrtle Beach. She has always been an animal lover and has had many pets over the years including dogs, cats, goats, horses, hamsters & birds. Judith is very active in the animal rescue community donating her time to advocating for BSL and Wildlife rescues. As a professional photographer, with work in a few Sarasota galleries, she has donated her work to help raise funds for shelters. In case you did not know Patchington is pet friendly!

Majical Miniatures non profit animal rescue relies on community support, volunteers & donations to care for the 200+ animals who reside at the rescue. The estimated cost to care for the injured, abandoned & neglected animals is $4000 a week.  Majical Miniatures recently started a membership program. In order to maintain their non profit status they were required to show community support. You can learn more about Majical Miniatures at www.majicalminiatures.org & the membership program at www.majicalminiatures.org/membership.html

Here is the wish list

We are in constant need of everyday items here at Majical Miniatures. With over 200 animals living at the rehab center we go through a ton of food, cleaning & medical supplies every month. Our wonderful staff has put together a "wish list" of items that they never seem to have enough of, plus some larger dream items. You don't have to spend a fortune to help make a difference. A roll of Bounty paper towels or a trash can with wheels (Jenna said this is number one on her small item wish list), would be greatly appreciated. Every little bit helps! We have several drop off locations for your convenience.

GENERAL SUPPLIES:                                    ANIMAL CARE SUPPLIES:  
Trash Bags 39 Gal., 13 Gal. & Contractor         First Aid kits/Items
Freezer Bags                                                         Vet Wrap (2 in & 4 in)
BOUNTY Paper Towels                                      Blue Kote                                                       Heating Pads

Simple Green
Exam Gloves ( med/lg or 1 size)                       
Farm & Home Fly Spray                                    
Ant Spray                                                             

Medical Supplies & Equipment (all kinds)
Hay - all kinds                     Animal Crackers                           
Apple Sauce (Sugar free)   Almonds & Pecans in the shell    

Vanilla Wafers                     Raisins

Fig Newtons                 
MISC ITEMS: Large items can not be dropped off at all locations! Please contact Majical Miniatures at 941-981-9121 to drop off large items. 

Bungee Cords – all sizes                              Waterproof Tarps
wooden play towers/houses                       large boulders (for goats to climb)

Bird Toys –all sizes                                      Zip Ties   

Hard Plastic Swimming Pools – all sizes                                 

Heavy Duty Garbage cans on Wheels for Compost

LARGE DREAM ITEMS:  Ok, we know these are dream items, your cash or gift card donations can be used towards the purchase of these items!

Tractor with 3 pt hitch for attachments & Attachments – front loader, bucket, blade, tiller
4x4 ATV                                 Gator                                          
Forklift                                    3000PSI Pressure Washer                               
Trencher                                Building Materials                    

Vet Credits, 

Gift Cards for Feed Stores, Gas, Walmart, Target, Publix, Lowes

and of course cash!





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