Fans Show Up to Send Off Survivor

Axel, the dog who was hit in the head with an ax, greets his adoring public before going off to his new foster home.

The dog who ended last year as a throw-away entered 2013 triumphant, with more friends than anyone could imagine and a party complete with cake and well wishes, as he heads to his new foster home.

Axle left Beach Veterinary Clinic this morning and headed to Lucky Dog for the first of two parties. There he was greeted by fans and the folks who started his Facebook page to help raise money for his care.

He also met fans who had read about his injuries and cheered his recovery.

Jennah Victor and her sons brought Axel a cake made of milk bones and peanut butter and made specifically for dogs. Axel at up the attention with nearly as much gusto as he dove into the cake.

Once he left Lucky Dog, he headed to Manatee County Animal Services in Palmetto where he met more fans and got his final paperwork to go home with his new foster mom, Trisha Robinson Antonelli. Antonelli, who owns Dawg Phonic, a dog training business, will foster Axel through his heart worm treatments.

She will also train Axel, socialize him with other animals and help get him adopted.

Trish Robinson January 10, 2013 at 04:37 PM
Thanks for all the support and love from the community shown to Axle


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