Building a Koi Pond Inspires Backyard Getaway Business

Meet Lisa Burns of Backyard Getaway, who blogs about her Florida gardening experiences.

Get to better know Lisa Burns, who is a co-owner of Backyard Getaway a local pond and water garden business.

Why did you start your blog?

I started by writing for our Backyard Babbler newsletter and writing articles for print magazines about water gardening and ponds. We decided to add a blog to our website to share my articles and later started sharing on online sites like Patch.com

What do you do when you're not blogging? 

I am co-owner of two businesses, Backyard Getaway and Re-Scape.com, which keeps me very busy and volunteer regularly for Majical Miniatures Animal Sanctuary. My husband and I live on a farm in rural Manatee County where we enjoy spending time with our animals and grandchildren and gardening when I can find the time.

How has your blog evolved over time?

When I first started writing it was strictly about ponds and water gardens. I have branched out a bit into topics that I enjoy, like gardening, animals and re-purposing/recycling. 

When do you find time to write? 

It seems like I never have enough time to write as much as I would like. I wish I could say I am an organized person but I am not, I write when inspiration hits or while multitasking my business duties. 

What have you learned from your own blog?

I have learned that I enjoy writing & sharing my hobbies and passions with others.

What's been your biggest gardening challenge?

I would have to say my biggest gardening challenge is trying to keep our goats and horses from eating my gardens. We moved from our home of 24 years in West Bradenton to "Fort Getaway" in rural Myakka City a little over two years ago. I was excited about the gardening possibilities but soon found out that there would be challenges too. My first lesson was that Lubbers love to eat native aquatic plants, we literally lost dozens of plants over night to these pretty bright colored grasshoppers. Dave built a green house for me to house my pond plants. 

How did you get started gardening?

I became interested in gardening through both of my grandfathers. One had veggie gardens and the other loved Roses & Citrus trees. The very first garden we planted when we moved was a shared memorial garden. My mother, sister, daughter, niece & I planted a rose garden in honor of our grandparents. It is an interest that I am passing on to my grand kids too.

I started growing aquatic plants about 15 years ago after Dave decided we needed a pond in our yard. We both became fascinated with ponds, Koi and Water Lilies. That first pond was our inspiration for starting Backyard Getaway.

What do you love about gardening?

To me gardening is very calming and peaceful. I love digging in the dirt and watching things grow. 

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